Phoenix City. The newest podcast covering New Zealand football. Phoenix City was founded in July 2015, after the In The Zone podcast ended and a Phoenix sized hole was left in the podcast market.

If you're listening to Phoenix City, you're listening to:

Patrick, the podcast's producer, head honcho and a rubbish referee. He is on Twitter: @patrick478

Cam, also known as Photomac, Yellow Fever's resident photographer. You've probably seen him wearing a bib at Phoenix games. Cam tweets at @NZPhotomac.

Dave, he’s big, he’s bold, and he has Opinions about Football. Twitter: @NZ_Dave

Andy, the podcasts head football analyst. Sadly, he's only half decent at that. He is also on Twitter: @FrostieDaSnowman

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    Phoenix City - Outtakes

    ​Bit of a different kind of pod this week. We forgot a cable and couldn't record an actual pod, so we've put together a bunch of stuff that got left on the cutting room floor into a special episode. Enjoy.

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    Phoenix City - Champions(ish)

    It's a TeeDubs special on the podcast this week, as José Figueira (head coach) and Stu Widdowson (team manager) join the pod following the OFC Champions League final. Meanwhile, Darren Bazeley's announced his U20 World Cup squad, and the first round of the Chatham Cup is this weekend!

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    Phoenix City - Seasoned Rap

    We take a comprehensive look at the Phoenix season - what went right, what went wrong and what the Nix need to do to finish higher up the table next season. Meanwhile, another Football Fern announces they are quitting the Ferns, Chris Wood's still on fire and we are right in the swing of Central League and W-League.

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    Phoenix City - Two Halves

    The season is over, which isn't the worst thing ever. The pod wrap up the strange match against Brisbane, look at the list of award winners from the Nix Awards and hand out some gongs of their own, and preview the first round of playoffs this weekend. Meanwhile, TeeDubs have romped into the OCL final against Auckland with a 7-1 win, and there was a double round of the Central League to discuss.

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    Phoenix City - VARmageddon

    The VAR has hit the Nix hard this weekend, we discuss everything about the Rossi incident and whether we like how VAR has been implemented. TeeDubs are bring the Oceania Champions League to Wellington this weekend, and we've had another round of Central League and W-League.

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    Phoenix City - Back to back

    A slightly depleted pod (thanks to the arrival of a new baby and some rain) is bolstered by friend of the Fever Adam Ryan, and celebrates Team Wellington's glorious victory over Auckland City this week, as well as the Nix's glorious victory over the Victory. Local football has kicked off, we wrap the first round of results from the Central League and the wannabe W-League.

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    Phoenix City - Football, amirite?

    What a week! The pod have plenty to talk about, and draft in Enzo Giordani to help them dissect all the football of the week. The Phoenix winning 5-0, the All Whites with a 2-0 double against Fiji, TeeDubs and Waitak battling out a 6-6 draw before TeeDubs advanced on penalties, and Auckland City sucking the life out of Hawke's Bay.

    And as if that wasn't enough, Patrick also sat down with Michael Boxall to talk All Whites and life in South Africa, and chatted on the phone with Jose Figuera ahead of the Stirling Sports Premiership final this weekend.

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    Phoenix City - No Laughing Matter

    The team get their collective rant on, thanks to a dismal performance from the Nix and a baffling All Whites squad selection from Anthony Hudson. We preview a bumper weekend of football, including Nix vs Newcastle, the two World Cup qualifiers against Fiji, and the SS Prem semifinals.

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    Phoenix City - Dolce to your Gabbana

    Patrick's away again, so we pull out the big guns and invite Des Buckingham onto the pod to chat Oxford, the Phoenix, and whether or not he's single. Tracey Hodge also joins us to chat about #VinniesTesty, the All Whites squad for Fiji, the Football Ferns in Cyprus and TeeDubs marching towards the SS Prem playoffs.

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    Phoenix City - The Testy

    Vince Lia joins us during his testimonial week, we talk with him about the 3-3 draw up in Auckland against Perth and his testimonal match and dinner this weekend. The pod fire some insightful (but mostly amusing) questions Vinnie's way, and round up the SS Prem action from a weekend where Auckland City claimed top spot in the league.

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    Phoenix City - Wedding Crashers

    Kyle Barnes joins the pod to chat about the win over Brisbane, and the Suncorp security staff ruining shirts off. The TeeDubs got their OCL campaign underway with a win, and back at home, Auckland got smashed 4-1 by Waitak thanks to having three players sent off.

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    Phoenix City - What match?

    The pod talk as little as they possibly can about the football that was played. That's basically all.

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    Phoenix City - Sumner Lovin'

    The Nix got swept aside over in Sydney, and welcome Melbourne City and their 'stars' to town this weekend. The pod reflect on Steve Sumner's career and what he achieved for New Zealand football. Meanwhile, the TeeDubs smashed fellow title contenders Waitakere United 7-2.

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    Phoenix City - Plymouth Bringeth Nothing

    The pod returns from a gruelling trip to New Plymouth, and the Nix returned empty handed. Can they perform a smash and grab against seemingly invincible Sydney FC? Meanwhile it's heating up in the SS Prem with 4 rounds to go, there's 6 teams in contention to win the league!

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    Phoenix City - Fry, you fools!

    The pod suffer from mild heat exhaustion as they talk about the match in Adelaide that should never have been played, as well as how it'll affect the Phoenix this weekend in New Plymouth. Naughty boy Brett Angell has been suspended, and the SSP continues without him. TeeDubs jump ahead of an absent Auckland City to take top spot on the table.

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    Phoenix City - Angellic

    The pod chat about other podcasts, some football, Brett Angell's explosion of anger, some more football, and then about some overseas footballers. Not sure why you'd want to listen, but here it is anyway.

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    Phoenix City - Simultaneous Loving

    Following wins against the Mariners and the Victory, the pod are in dreamland as they work out what went right for the Nix. We discuss the move to a 48 team World Cup and it's effects on NZ, talk about Auckland City jetting off to play some friendlies and wrap up all the action from the SS Prem.

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    Phoenix City - Red Cards and Headbutts

    The pod reflect on the 2-1 loss to Perth, focusing in on Krishna's red and Keogh's headbutt, especially the lack of fallout from the latter. We look forward to two games in 5 days, the first of which will be marred by another #12PubsOfLochhead. Meanwhile, the SS Prem is back from the Christmas break and Southern have managed to win again!

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    Phoenix City - Hangovers

    A disappointing 0-0 against Adelaide did nothing to lift the hungover spirits of the pod on New Years Day, we review that and get ready to take on Perth on Thursday. Meanwhile, the SS Prem is back in action, and brings with it a tasty TeeDubs vs Auckland City clash.

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    Phoenix City - Boxed Day

    The Boxing Day clash with the Jets earned the Nix a point, the pod review that and preview the New Years Day game against struggling Adelaide. And with not much else to talk about, Mark Bosnich's comments about the Nix are put under the microscope.

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    Phoenix City - Captain Incredulity

    Andrew Durante drop into the podcast, we discuss WSW in Auckland with him and look ahead to the Boxing Day clash with the Jets.

    Meanwhile the TeeDubs rescued a point against Canterbury, and some Sarpreet Singh magic gave the WeeNix a late comeback.

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    Phoenix City - Tron: Legacy

    The Phoenix had a successful trip to Hamilton, coming out with a 3-0 shellacking of CCM and no reported cases of STD's (yet). The pod looks ahead to the continuing Travelling Circus in Auckland, and Team Wellington have gone top in the SS Premiership.

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    Phoenix City - Resigned

    The pod talk about the shock of Ernie Merrick resigning, and discuss who the options are to take over the reins at the Nix. The Nix are off the Hamilton to try to turn their fortunes around after losing 2-0 to Radelaide, ACFC are off at the Club World Cup again and we wrap all the action from the NZ national leagues.

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    Phoenix City - Appropriately Cynical

    The Phoenix got back in action against Melbourne City, the pod is joined by Vitor Sobral, Phoenix head of communications, to chat about dodgy refereeing, an away trip to Adelaide and Video Referees.

    The Stirling Sports Prem is back to normal, with Auckland City taking their place on the top of the table back before they head away to Japan, and the Cap Football women's team have somehow earned a home playoff.

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    Phoenix City - Bunker Flow

    With no Phoenix game to talk about this week, the pod reviews the rest of the A-League games and looks ahead to taking on Melbourne City. The WeeNix knocked over Auckland City in the SSP, and Cap Football are into the playoffs in the NWL.

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    Phoenix City - Unshaken

    This week's episode of Phoenix City is out now! Check it out at http://yellowfever.co.nz/podcasts or in your favourite podcast app.

    Alex Rufer jumps into the pod to discuss earthquakes, travelling over to Canberra with the Nix, and the two World Cup qualifiers that the All Whites played this week. It's a short Kiwi's Overseas segment this week thanks to the international break, and we look forward to a bumper week of the SSP with a strong WeeNix side taking on Auckland City.

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    Phoenix City - Jetstream

    The Phoenix won! We look ahead to two important games on Saturday, the Nix in Canberra and the All Whites in Auckland. There's been some interesting results in the Stirling Sports Prem, including the first win for the TeeDubs, and we wrap up the goalfests that happened in the latest round of the NWL and the NYL.

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    Phoenix City - Capitulation

    The pod returns to talk about the heavy away loss to Melbourne Victory, and All White Tom Doyle join us to talk Nix, his hamstrings and the upcoming World Cup qualifiers. The WeeNix have defeated the TeeDubs via a injury time winner, but it was business as usual in the rest of the SS Premiership round.

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    Phoenix City - Under the Dome

    Phoenix GM David Dome joins the pod, and this week we dissect everything that led to Sydney scoring that late winner against the Nix. The Stirling Sports Prem had it's first full round, which wasn't such good news for the TeeDubs, and we are taking on predecessor 'In The Zone' at the Football Media Awards.

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    Phoenix City - Legally Blonde

    Adam Parkhouse is the guest on the pod this week, we chat with him about his time at the Phoenix so far and the derby game over in Perth. Meanwhile, it was the first round of games in the NZ national league, we wrap all the action from the SS Prem, the NYL and the NWL.

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    Phoenix City - White Hot

    The pod travel out to David Farrington Park in Miramar to be hosted by the TeeDubs and joined by their coach, José Figueira. We chat about the Nix's opening loss to City and their upcoming game against Perth. The All Whites stunned everyone with two great performances against Mexico and the US, and we talk with José about the SS Premiership season which is kicking off this weekend.

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    Phoenix City - It's Back

    The A-League is finally upon us, and the pod is joined by Nix Academy coach Paul Temple to chat about the upcoming season and Saturday's game against the Cahill-less Melbourne City. Over in the US, the All Whites are preparing for blockbuster clashes against Mexico and the US, the Women's U17 almost upset Spain at the U17WC, and SS Prem preseason games are underway.

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    Phoenix City - Nelson

    The Phoenix won their final pre-season match against the Mariners 2-1 down in Nelson, the pod talks about the action on the field as well as in the stands. The SS Prem had its season launch and the new kits are out, and the pod talk about Big Sam potentially being in cahoots with Anthony Hudson.

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    Phoenix City - Off to Nelson

    The Phoenix are heading down to Nelson to take on the Mariners again, after a 1-0 win over them last weekend. NZ are OFC U20 Champions again and are off to South Korea, and the pod discuss with Alastair Boyce from the Backbencher who should be in the Phoenix's greatest XI of all time.

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    Phoenix City - JASON!!!

    Football broadcasting legend Jason Pine joins the pod for the first time to chat the past, present and future of the Wellington Phoenix. The Nix beat Tim Cahill 4-1 in Townsville, while there were two thrilling knockout cup finals played in Auckland over the weekend. Oh, and our U20's are off the next FIFA U20 World Cup in South Korea.


Phoenix City - Euphamistic


P W D L GD Pts
Syd Sydney FC 8 7 0 1 13 21
Mcy Melbourne City 8 5 1 2 2 16
Wun Western United 10 5 1 4 2 16
Adl Adelaide United 8 5 0 3 4 15
Wel Wellington Phoenix 9 3 2 4 -1 11
Wsw Western Sydney 8 3 1 4 -2 10
Per Perth Glory 8 2 3 3 0 9
Mvc Melbourne Victory 10 2 3 5 -5 9
New Newcastle Jets 7 2 2 3 -2 8
Bri Brisbane Roar 9 2 2 5 -6 8
Ccm Central Coast 7 2 1 4 -5 7

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