Phoenix City. The newest podcast covering New Zealand football. Phoenix City was founded in July 2015, after the In The Zone podcast ended and a Phoenix sized hole was left in the podcast market.

If you're listening to Phoenix City, you're listening to:

Patrick, the podcast's producer, head honcho and a rubbish referee. He is on Twitter: @patrick478

Cam, also known as Photomac, Yellow Fever's resident photographer. You've probably seen him wearing a bib at Phoenix games. Cam tweets at @NZPhotomac.

Dave, he’s big, he’s bold, and he has Opinions about Football. Twitter: @NZ_Dave

Andy, the podcasts head football analyst. Sadly, he's only half decent at that. He is also on Twitter: @FrostieDaSnowman

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    Phoenix City - Partners in Crime

    Paul Temple and Steve Coleman from the Wellington Phoenix join the pod this week to talk about the match against Adelaide, their roles within the restructured Phoenix coaching setup, what it's like to be promoted within the Nix coaching structure almost instantly, and their respective Central League coaching jobs.

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    Phoenix City - José's Many Hats

    The Phoenix managed to put in an excellent display against the Roar with a bunch of first-teamers missing. José Figueira joins the pod yet again to talk about Team Wellington's 1-0 semifinal win over Canterbury and the prospect of yet another grand final against Auckland City, as well as his other job as All Whites assistant coach.

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    Phoenix City - Caretaker Greenie

    Chris Greenacre joins the podcast to chat about everything Phoenix - from the 1-0 loss against Newcastle in Auckland right through to the crop of players who could make the step up from the WeeNix. The All Whites are taking on Canada, and we are into the Handy Prem semifinals with TeeDubs taking on Canterbury at home after getting out of jail very late against Hamilton.

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    Phoenix City - Ragnarok

    Another game, another loss. The pod does their civic duty by mentioning the 4-1 loss to WSW, before previewing a potentially depressing trip to Auckland. Elsewhere, Fritz has announced his first All Whites squad to take on Canada, the Ferns went down 2-0 to Scotland twice, and the Handy Prem regular season wraps up this weekend.

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    Phoenix City - Probably

    Darije won't be around next season, so the pod speculate who coul possibly take over the reigns at the Nix and what that person needs to bring to the role. The 1-0 loss the Mariners was shit, but both TeeDubs and Auckland City are tracking nicely in the OFC Champions League.

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    Phoenix City - Fritz's Weiner

    The Phoenix finally chalked up another A-League victory, thanks to a shitty penalty and a late winner. Dave's been over in Sydney talking to FIFA about FFA, we get the goss on what was said and what the outcome might be. Back home, Fritz Schmid is about to be announced as the new All Whites coach, and Canterbury have confirmed a place in the Handy Prem semis.

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    Phoenix City - Four Again

    The Phoenix conceded 4 goals against a Sydney team for the second week running, so we invite Hard News onto the pod to give his thoughts on the current playing squad. Back home, Canterbury rallied late to get a win over the WeeNix, and Auckland City, Tee Dubs and Eastern Suburbs all earned themselves three points.

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    Phoenix City - Late

    The Phoenix let Sydney FC roll on past them, we discuss whether there's any hope against the Wanderers this weekend. Arnie's been ruled out of coaching the All Whites and NZF have appointed new age group coaches, and the WeeNix got spanked at the hands of Eastern Suburbs.

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    Phoenix City - Flappy

    The Nix have signed Tando Velaphi after another horror show from the goalkeeping stock against Adelaide - is he any better than Italiano? Patrick rages at the MRP over lenient punishments, and Team Wellington take on Auckland City this weekend in what is essentially a league decider.

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    Phoenix City - Minimalist Celebrations

    The Nix did it the hard way in Newcastle, but managed to claim all three points. Can they do they same against Adelaide this weekend? Elsewhere, the TeeDubs and WeeNix made it a trifecta for the Wellington teams over the weekend, however Auckland City are back on top of the Handy Prem.

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    Phoenix City - Nice Man

    Matija Ljujić got his Phoenix account underway with a stunning goal to salvage a point against the Wanderers, can the Nix pull off a similar result against Ernie's Jets? Back home, Eastern Suburbs have surged to the top of the Handy Prem, as TeeDubs and Auckland both dropped points.

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    Phoenix City - Tequila Snacks

    The Phoenix played a couple of games with mixed results, including just the second win of the season so far. Graham Arnold could be the next All Whites coach, and the Wel Clasico served up a goalfest of a first half. Oh, and we drink tequila.

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    Phoenix City - "Fireworks"

    The Phoenix wrapped up 2017 with a terrible game of football, we review the 0-0 draw and preview the match against Dario's Melbourne City. Meanwhile, the Handy Prem is back with a blast this weekend thanks to the Welclassico.

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    Phoenix City - Bad Santa

    The 12 Pubs of Lochhead was a roaring success, we review how the day went before moving onto the actual football. The Nix fell over more than the Fever after those 12 Pubs on the weekend, we chat about the loss to Sydney and how we can try to get at least a point out of the Mariners on New Year's Eve.

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    Phoenix City - A Very Vidosic Christmas

    Rado and Dario have walked out on the Phoenix - and we've invited Liam Hyslop onto the podcast again to discuss whether this is panic stations for the Phoenix, and what the current state of the club really is. Quite a bit later on, we review the loss to Perth and preview the shellacking to Sydney, as well as a weekend of football riddled with VAR incidents.

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    Phoenix City - Back to Basics

    The Phoenix got things back on track with a steady 0-0 draw against the Roar, and this weekend they are travelling over for the latest instalment of the Distance Derby. We look at whether the Nix will sign a replacement for the departed Gui Finkler, and the TeeDubs are back in action in the Handy Prem after a week off.

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    Phoenix City - Leaky

    After a week off, the pod is back to talk about the Nix's recurring problem of conceding a lot of goals following the 3-2 loss to the Victory. We preview the trip to the Gold Coast against the Roar, look at Auckland City falling over at the first step in the Club World Cup, and cast an eye over how the Handy Prem has been going.

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    Phoenix City - Bye Bye Bye

    The All Whites went down in Lima - Hard News is back to talk about what went wrong and sum up the Hudson era with us. The Phoenix had a weekend off thanks to a shit pitch in Sydney, and TeeDubs dispatched Hamilton in the Handy Prem.

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    Phoenix City - Llamas vs Kiwis

    A surprising 0-0 draw has the All Whites heading to Lima with everything to play for - Hard News joins the podcast to chat about what the All Whites have to do to pull off an unlikely result. Meanwhile, the Nix blew Perth off the park with a 5-2 win, and the TeeDubs have a late penalty to thank for getting them past Tasman United.

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    Phoenix City - Crash-landing

    This is last weeks Phoenix pod - so we chat about the 3-0 loss to the Jets and look head to the Perth game, and wrap the latest action from the Handy Prem.

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    Phoenix City - Fallon on hard times

    The playoff is here. We spend an entire pod talking about Hudson's squad selections, what the All Whites need to do to win the tie, and what the match will mean to football in this country.

    Note: technical issues mean the quality is not as high as usual this week.

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    Phoenix City - Blowing It

    The Nix blew a 3-0 lead against the Roar and were lucky to not lose the match in the end, we look at what went right and what went wrong. More details about the NZ squad for the Peru match have leaked out - we mention them and look at the action from the Handy Prem, including an entertaining Wellington derby.

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    Phoenix City - Positively Disappointing

    The Nix have come off a 1-0 loss where they should really have claimed a share of the points, we look ahead to the Roar game and wonder if everything will click this time around. Meanwhile, Hudson continues to baffle, with rumours that Brockie and Fallon are going to be called into the Peru squad, and we wrap up the latest rounds of the Handy Prem and the NWL.

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    Phoenix City - Selling Out

    The pod is hosted out at David Farrington Park by Team Wellington this week - and head coach José Figuera joins us to discuss the 3-1 win over Auckland City and everything else to do with the Handa Premiership.

    Meanwhile, the Nix had a promising loss against Sydney FC and head to Melbourne this weekend, and tickets for the Peru game are flying out the door.

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    Phoenix City - Underway

    Peru are all that stand between the All Whites and the World Cup - we have a quick chat about how they got there before moving on to the first Nix game of the season. Meanwhile - the All Whites went down to a late goal against Japan, and the TeeDubs kick off their season against Auckland this weekend.

    Oh, and Patrick picked a fight with Hamish Watson.

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    Phoenix City - Dome Stop 'Til You Get Enough

    Phoenix GM David Dome joins the pod ahead of the A-League kicking off this weekend, we look at the Nix's chances of beating Adelaide and make some terrible predictions about how we think the season will go. Meanwhile, the All Whites are in action against Japan in a friendly, and it's the long awaited return of Cam's Kiwis Overseas segment.

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    Phoenix City - Super Dario

    Dario Vidosic drops by the pod this week, talking about his return from injury over the weekend in the 8-1 win over Team Wellington. There's also a double header this weekend with the Nix playing both TeeDubs and Auckland City on the same day, and are we headed to Canberra for a home game?

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    Phoenix City - TL;DW

    Pretend you haven't seen the latest Nix preseason game in this podcast, where the pod discuss the final game of the preseason tour to Australia and preview the Home & Garden Show match, look at the Football Ferns' two losses against the US, and cast their eye over the TeeDubs and WeeNix squads for the Handy Prem.

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    Phoenix City - Preseason Pains

    The pod talk about a bunch of games they haven't seen, including Phoenix preseason games again Blacktown City and the Mariners, and the Chatham Cup and Women's Knockout Cup finals. Elsewhere, Chris Wood is keeping up his goalscoring form in the EPL, and Vince Lia speaks out about his departure from the Nix.

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    Phoenix City - Solomon Success

    It's late, but after a two week break the pod are back and ready to discuss the All Whites win over the Solomons, how South American qualifying is going, the Phoenix's latest preseason matches and whether too many Aussies are a bad thing.

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    Phoenix City - New Guy

    The Nix signed Andrija Kaluđerović, the All Whites called up James Musa, and Team Wellington have signed a Kiwi and a Serb. Not much else happened this week.

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    Phoenix City - A Nu Start

    The Phoenix have launched a new logo and signed a new player - we were at the launch and discuss everything about the new club insignia. Elsewhere, we sound like a broken record and Anthony Hudson makes some baffling decisions in his All Whites squad.

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    Phoenix City - Go West

    The pod are joined by Fairfax football reporter Liam Hyslop to discuss a fairly busy week in the "offseason". The Phoenix switched off late to lose their FFA Cup match, Western Suburbs took out the Central League in style, the Chatham Cup quarterfinals are this weekend and we chat with Liam about his series on youth development in the Wellington region.

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    Phoenix City - Western Standoff

    The Nix have got their preseason underway, the pod dissect what they saw in Darije's first hitout against Western Suburbs. The pod share their 5-letter teams, and the usual Kiwi's Overseas and local football segments are back.

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    Phoenix City - Goran with the Wind

    The pod are back after a week off, and raring to go! The club have signed Goran Paracki, and are holding an event to unveil something early next month. The pod accept Jason Pine's challenge of picking their best Phoenix XI with a twist, the Chatham Cup quarterfinalists have been found, and we chat about the club vs school debate in junior player development.


Phoenix City - Two Halves


P W D L GD Pts
Syd Sydney FC 14 12 1 1 20 37
Mcy Melbourne City 15 8 3 4 7 27
Per Perth Glory 14 7 4 3 13 25
Wel Wellington Phoenix 15 7 3 5 4 24
Wun Western United 14 6 2 6 2 20
Bri Brisbane Roar 14 5 4 5 -3 19
Adl Adelaide United 13 6 0 7 -1 18
Mvc Melbourne Victory 15 4 3 8 -5 15
Wsw Western Sydney 14 4 2 8 -7 14
Ccm Central Coast 14 4 1 9 -12 13
New Newcastle Jets 14 2 3 9 -18 9

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