Phoenix City. The newest podcast covering New Zealand football. Phoenix City was founded in July 2015, after the In The Zone podcast ended and a Phoenix sized hole was left in the podcast market.

If you're listening to Phoenix City, you're listening to:

Patrick, the podcast's producer, head honcho and a rubbish referee. He is on Twitter: @patrick478

Cam, also known as Photomac, Yellow Fever's resident photographer. You've probably seen him wearing a bib at Phoenix games. Cam tweets at @NZPhotomac.

Dave, he’s big, he’s bold, and he has Opinions about Football. Twitter: @NZ_Dave

Andy, the podcasts head football analyst. Sadly, he's only half decent at that. He is also on Twitter: @FrostieDaSnowman

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    In The Zone 151 - HAL's back

    The A-league is back, and Phoenix captain Andrew Durante pops into Fever studios for a chat. Tim Palmer from Australia Scout also joins the pod to review our season so far, while Ben Clark provides a Brisbane Roar perspective on this week's figure. The All Whites U17s have qualified for the World Cup so coach Jose Figueira reflects on their campaign, while back home, Team Wellington retain their lead at the top of the ASB Premiership.

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    In The Zone 150 - Good Green

    Phoenix assistant coach, Chris Greenacre, joins the pod this week to talk Nathan Burns, player agents, his coaching career and A-league pitches. Elsewhere, the All Whites U17s are through to the semi finals of their Oceania qualification campaign, and Team Wellington are victorious in ASBP's Wellington Derby.

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    In The Zone 149 - Ernie's Way

    Ernie Merrick joins the pod for an extended chat about the Phoenix, the A-league, his coaching, and fighting Kevin Muscat. Elsewhere, the Football Ferns continue their World Cup preparation, and it's a Wellington logjam at the top of the ASB Premiership.

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    In The Zone 148 - The Thunderdome

    Phoenix General Manager, David 'Thunder' Dome, joins the podcast to talk all things back office, including our licence, finances, crowds and fixtures, while the rest of the podders review the Phoenix's demolition of Brisbane Roar. Young All Whites, coach Jose Figueira, dials in before they depart for their World Cup qualification tournament, and Team Wellington's Pat Fleming looks back at their match with Qatar.

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    In The Zone 147 - Nix's New Year

    The pod is back to it's full complement to reflect on the Phoenix spoiling the New Year's party in Adelaide, before being joined by Roar fan, Gilbert Albertson, to look ahead to Sunday's fixture.

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    In The Zone 146 - Fortunate Three

    The pod rotates the squad to cope with a hectic holiday fixture list to talk through the Phoenix's fortunate win over the Wanderers, before looking ahead to the New Year's Eve game against Adelaide United.

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    In The Zone 145 - Dare To Brockie

    With Hard News 'enjoying' family time up north, Jeremy Brockie joins the podcast to talk about his time at the Phoenix and his move to South Africa. Elsewhere the podders cover off another away win in NSW, preview Western Sydney Wanderers' visit to Wellington with Daniel Palmer, and marvel at Auckland City FC's performance at the Club World Cup.

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    In The Zone 144 - Orcland

    The pod returns with better audio quality to review the Phoenix's draw with Central Coast in Auckland, turn fashionistas for a moment to judge the Hobbit kit, and previews this weekend's fixture against Sydney with Mitch Doyle. Elsewhere Auckland City defy the odds at the Club World Cup, Teams Wellington extend their lead in the ASB Premiership, and more from the class of '82.

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    In The Zone 143 - Up The Country

    Before embarking on the annual pilgrimage north to Auckland, the pod looks back at Wellington Phoenix's away victory over Newcastle Jets, previews this weekend's fixture with the help of CCM fan, Josh Howe, and covers the latest ASB Premiership results.

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    In The Zone 142 - Burns, Baby, Burns

    The reduced pod rejoices over the Phoenix's first hattrick in dispatching Melbourne City, previews the upcoming Newcastle Jets games with Grant Furner, and discusses Jeremy Brockie's imminent departure from the club. Elsewhere the Football Ferns continue to impress, and Team Wellington spank Club World Cup bound Auckland City.

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    In The Zone 141 - 17 Seconds

    This week the pod admires Ruben Zadkovich's fleeting contribution as the Phoenix fail to fire out west, previews this weekend's fixture with Melbourne City fan, David Hards, and wraps the latest in the ASB Premiership.

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    In The Zone 140 - Bangkok Blowout

    The podders look back on a disappointing week as the Phoenix lose in injury time to Adelaide, the All Whites salvage a draw with China, before blowing out to Thailand. But Team Wellington buck the trend with a win over WaiBop United to main their unbeaten start to the ASB Premiership.

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    In The Zone 139 - Asia's Best

    The team is back to digest the news that Wellington Phoenix are now Asian Champions after beating Western Sydney Wanderers, and look ahead to this weekend's Adelaide United fixture without a host of All Whites. Speaking of All Whites, the pod previews their upcoming fixtures against China and Thailand, covers Tommy Smith speaking out, and reviews all the latest ASB Premiership action.

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    In The Zone 138 - Still Waiting

    After serving his suspension, Hard News is back with the pod as they attempt to analyse why the Phoenix's remain waiting for their first win away to Melbourne Victory. Western Sydney Wanderers fan, Daniel Palmer, dials in to help preview this Friday's fixture. While locally, the ASB Premiership is up and running.

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    In The Zone 137 - Broken Jet Wings

    Dan Richardson from the New Zealand Herald comes off the subs' bench to help the pod discuss the Phoenix's demolition of Newcastle Jets, review the rest of A-league action, and previous Monday night's game with extra assistance from Victory fan Ben Williams. Elsewhere the Football Fern book their World Cup ticket to Canada, and Team Wellington coach, Matt Calcott dials in ahead of their first ASB Premiership game.

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    In The Zone 136 - McGlinchey's Mariners Revenge

    The pod covers all the Round 2 action including Michael McGlinchey extracting revenge via a 2-1 victory over the Mariners, before previewing this weekend's fixture with help from the Squadron's Grant Furner. In other news, Tommy Smith breaks his sabbatical and Team Wellington claim the first silverware of the season.

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    In The Zone 135 - Fire Up Failure

    This week the pod reviews the Phoenix's opening round loss to Perth Glory, as they, and the crowd, failed to fire up as promised. Elsewhere the podders look ahead to this weekend's fixture by dialling in Josh Howe from the Central Coast, as well as covering off the latest Team Wellington news.

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    In The Zone 134 - Fired Up

    The A-league is upon us so the pod previews the Phoenix's opening fixture at home, gets a Perth Glory perspective thanks to Neil Sherwin, and covers off all the other round one fixtures. With Leo Bertos back in the country for a visit, the pod also gets the good oil about life and football in India.

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    In The Zone 133 - Siggy

    The pod is back to review the Phoenix's final preseason hit out against Canterbury United, reflect on Ben Sigumund's international career, and argue about the report into the All Whites' World Cup campaign released as part of New Zealand Football's Annual Report.

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    In The Zone 132 - Garden and Phoenix

    The pod is back and attempts to discuss the Phoenix's 0-0 draw with Sydney FC, before looking ahead to this Sunday's Home and Garden and Phoenix and Canterbury United event. Elsewhere the podders chat U20 World Cup Fever Zone and Team Wellington's latest signings.

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    In The Zone 131 - Freedom!

    As Scotland head to the polls to vote on their freedom, our own Scottish All White is finally set free from CCM. Elsewhere the Phoenix continue their preseason with matches against Newcastle Jets and Sydney United, and the pod wraps the latest transfers in the ASB Premiership

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    In The Zone 130 - Brockie's Goal

    Without much Phoenix news of note, the pod analyses the All Whites loss to Uzbekistan, chats to Duncan Oughton during his enforced vacation, covers off the Junior All Whites tour of Doha, and reviews the Chatham Cup final by interviewing Cashmere Technical coach John Brown.

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    In The Zone 129 - Work Wanted

    The pod is back to full strength to talk through the Phoenix latest preseason game on the Kapiti Coast, the All Whites and Junior All Whites in Doha, and Ryan Nelsen's sacking as Toronto FC coach. Coaches John Brown and Jose Figueira also dial in to preview this week's Chatham Cup final between Cashmere Technical and Central United.

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    In The Zone 128 - Free WeeMac

    With the Free WeeMac decision finally in, the pod attempts to summarise the situation by seeking the views of the Phoenix, the PFA and the FFA. In better news the Phoenix finally get their reserve team in the ASB Premiership, and the podders outline all the goss from the members' night this week. While in local football, Upper Hutt are relegated from Central League, and Stop Out attempt to replace them.

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    In The Zone 127 - Fight Night

    Laziness sets in among the pod as they speak to Ernie Merrick, Alex Gorrin/Rodriguez, and Glen Moss on things Phoenix, to New Zealand Football's media man, Steven Upfold, on the Chatham Cup semi finals, and to Capital Football's CEO, Richard Reid, on fighting and player behaviour.

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    In The Zone 126 - Good Riddance

    This week the pod chats upsets in the FFA Cup, previews the Phoenix v All Whites XI game in Taupo, looks ahead to a massive Chatham Cup semi final weekend by dialling in all four coaches, returns the middle finger back to Tommy Smith, covers Miramar's retention of the Central League title, and gossips over MMA action in the Premier League.

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    In The Zone 125 - Sugar & Spice

    After 37 weeks the All Whites finally have a new coach, so the pod runs their eye over the appointment of Anthony Hudson. Young All Whites coach José Figueira dials in to talk through the start of the U17s campaign, and Miramar Rangers get speed wobbles in the Central League. Andy Cussen from Football Central Australia reviews the Phoenix's FFA Cup loss to Adelaide United, while it's good news for Tom Doyle and delayed news for Michael McGlinchey.

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    In The Zone 124 - Toon Time

    This week the crew examines the Phoenix's narrow loss to Newcastle United, Roly Bonevacia signing, the recent and upcoming FFA Cup games, and the quarter finals of the Chatham Cup.

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    In The Zone 123 - Bursting Bubbles

    The pod partly recovers from another Fever Tour to reflect back on the Phoenix's victory against West Ham United and look ahead to this weekend's match with Newcastle United. To top off a massive football weekend in the capital, Island Bay's Martin Garcia, and Napier City Rovers' Bill Robertson dial in to preview their Chatham Cup quarter final clash.

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    In The Zone 122 - Germany's Götze It

    The World Cup is done for another four years, so the pod looks back at the final and the tournament overall. Back in Phoenix land, their preseason continues with upcoming games against West Ham and Newcastle United. While the All Whites edge closer to a coach, and look out for the Fever Stand at Island Bay's Chatham Cup game against Napier City Rovers next weekend.

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    In The Zone 121 - Rio

    The pod disproves the theory 'better late than never' in chatting World Cup quarters, semis and final. Elsewhere the Phoenix continue their preseason with questions marks over McGlinchey still remaining, the hunt for the next All Whites coach nears the end, and the relegation fight in Central League hots up.

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    In The Zone 120 - Quarters

    Both the World Cup and the Chatham Cup have reached the quarter final stage, so the pod reviews all the action, including terrible tipping and Island Bay United's stunning upset over Miramar Rangers. While in Phoenix land, Nathan Burns signs on and preseason fixtures continue.

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    In The Zone 119 - Mornings

    The pods brushes aside sleep deprivation to wrap the latest in World Cup action as some big names already have fallen, or are about to fall, by the wayside. Back home the Phoenix have started preseason with their first kick about, and the team previews the Chatham Cup round of 16 featuring interviews with Island Bay Untied and Ngongotaha AFC.

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    In The Zone 118 - Tired

    The pod battles through early morning starts to wrap all the World Cup games to date, chat bits of A-league news and review all the action from the 3rd round of the Chatham Cup.

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    In The Zone 117 - The Countdown

    As the world counts down to the opening FIFA World Cup match, the pod discusses the signing/non-signing of Michael McGlinchey and scans the 2014/15 fixture list before previewing World Cup Groups G and H. Elsewhere, the U20s complete their tour of China, and Island Bay United's Martin Garcia talks about their 3rd Round Chatham Cup clash.


Phoenix City - Ams-strung


P W D L GD Pts
Syd Sydney FC 24 16 4 4 25 52
Mcy Melbourne City 24 13 4 7 10 43
Wel Wellington Phoenix 25 12 5 8 8 41
Bri Brisbane Roar 25 11 6 8 1 39
Per Perth Glory 25 10 7 8 9 37
Adl Adelaide United 25 11 2 12 -5 35
Wun Western United 23 10 3 10 8 33
New Newcastle Jets 25 8 7 10 -11 31
Wsw Western Sydney 25 8 6 11 -6 30
Mvc Melbourne Victory 25 6 5 14 -10 23
Ccm Central Coast 26 5 3 18 -29 18

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