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james dean wrote:

Some interesting articles on the Guardian site by Jonathan Wilson recently on various tactical innovations.� This one on attacking fullbacks I liked...


Thanks for that tip off. As some one relegated to Left Back for much of his life I concur with the poster who observes:

There's nothing like good old fashioned full backs. They hated to lose, to go forward, they hated wingers, inside forwards, centreforwards, dribblings, feints, the good girls, a long sleeve shirts, small shorts, the shin pads, the referees. The one thing they hated most was the ball going through their legs.

HarryHotspur2009-05-10 19:53:18
"Gattuso probably did more damage to himself. Nutting Jordan is like butting the Forth Road Bridge"

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Hah!  Just reading this thread.

In my ingloriously short footballing life I started off as inside right and progressively went backwards to finish up at LB.

It is of course of no surprise then that I have extremely intense thoughts for the best LWB ever, Leovegildo Lins da Gama Júnior, and the dreamiest LB-come-humanitarian, Benoit Assou-Ekotto.

"Phoenix till they lose"

Posting 97% bollox, 8% lies and 3.658% genuine opinion. 

Genuine opinion: FTFFA

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