Semi Finals (New Zealand time)

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What days  (New Zealand time) are the semi finals on?

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Semi finals will be the 11th and 12th of July at 6am New Zealand Time

Player: "What bloody game are you watching ref?"

Ref: "The one where you've had three shots and haven't hit the target."

Hows my refereeing? Whine Here

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Text exchange with a mate of mine at the WC on the other side of the world in Russia:

Me:  "I reckon it will be England - France in the final"

Mate: "Nah, Croatia is too good"

Me; "Can't underestimate Belgium though, they can do it on a good day"

Mate, "Alright, Croatia - Belgium then, as I was saying"

Actually, getting outplayed quite a bit these days

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