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Bruce Holloway has written an article on Declan (Not it is premium but that is easy to get around)

can you not link to pay per view stories pls??!!

Well the article isn't anywhere else, its very easy to get around the paywall Greenie. 

I'm not quite prepared to go to jail for Declan :)

lol, just rude to have to pay for certain news items, its information, it should be publically accessible. I object to having to pay for news.

Fancy having to pay for a news paper or football magazine... unthinkable. What did we do 15 years ago...

its not about paying for the paper, its about having to pay for specific parts of the paper. Its like buying a magazine and then being asked to pay more for a code to access the centre fold.

Na- it's about having all your journalism cut and pasted from the daily mail or having some local journos.


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