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We were having those issues back in February but it's fine now. We contacted them via email and they asked a bunch of info about our setup here and asked us to send a video of what the buffering looked like and said that someone would look into it.
Only recently started using it again for the A League and  bit of MLS and so far no problems.

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i had those problems back then as well and now it has been working perfectly had no problems with any channel since live sport restarted.

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Turfmoore wrote:

Got rid of the Sky box a wee while back and am using Sky Sport Now (viewed via App on TV or thru Apple TV). However based on last night's game should be called "Sky Sport Now and Then". I had frequent buffering / freeze issues and quality well short of what I have experienced with Spark Sport.

 I've got a pretty good internet connection (tested at 200Mbs during the game - the max speed on my plan). So that shouldn't be the issue.

Are others having similar issues? 

Any remedies?

I have the same issues on AppleTV. The best way is to go back as quick as possible to the programm screen and then select the game again. It's a bit of stupid and the interface is not helping. You loose about 10 seconds each time but then you should be could for the 10 min of Nix champagne football.

My internet is fine, it's them. I can stream everything else in full quality without any buffering. Just shows how good YouTube and Netflix are setup for the demand.

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I watch Sky on SkyGo cast from my Samsung phone to my Samsung TV via SmartView and the picture quality seems significantly better now than before lockdown.

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Thanks folks. 

The recommendation from Sky chat person was to re-install the App (modern day equivalent of turn it off at the wall and reboot) and it did seem to perform better. Doing it directly via the TV-based App (rather than through Apple TV) may also help. I can also try casting off my phone via various means (which seems slightly incongruous). Lot's of options, but don't want to be trying them out mid-game!

Live trial tonight before the big night on Saturday. Hopefully all smooth by then! COYN

I know, I know, its serious!

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i watch through my PS4

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I watch through the Sky box on my TV. How old school!!

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Big changes coming to Sky soon with many more package options for satellite subscribers.

You will be able just to subscribe to Sky Sport on its own.

They are doing away with the requirement to purchase the Basic Package.

Spark Sport will also quite likely be available via Sky with the choice of getting it as either part of your Sky Sport subscription or as a stand-alone add-on. 

The basic My Sky box with recording capability wil be part of all packages at no extra charge.

A new advanced Sky Box with extra streaming capabilities including Spark Sport, Netflix, Google Apps will be available at extra cost.

No public announcements yet but they seem to be addressing many gripes raised on this forum over the years.

Don't ask me for more details but I've been assured by a reliable source that all this is coming soon.

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add to that the option of getting broadband with sky too. Its gonna be an interesting playing field next year.

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