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AJ13 wrote:

This is horrible. And how is Bazeley even still around? 

To be honest I still don't AJ13 was entirely wrong; it's hard to figure out how much was us and how much was just Myanmar doing their standard 2nd half capitulation

I didn't necessarily see it as Myanmar capitulating, what I saw was the Kiwi's start to use their substantial physical presence to out muscle them. The Myanmar midfield (#6 and #15) were absolutely sublime but could not compete physcially. In every matchup across the field the kiwi's were 12 inches taller and 10kgs heavier and they took full advantage of it in the second half.

No matter how effective, it was awful football to watch. Whilst the technique of the Myanmartians :) was superb.

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Buffon II wrote:

What a joy it was to see Zelalem play. Absolute masterclass. You can see why he's on the books at one of the top clubs in Europe.

Arsenal, "one of the top clubs in Europe". If you mean one of the top 16 clubs in Europe, then sure.

I'll take that bet, name me 15 better teams than Arsenal this season.

I've seen Zelalem play a couple of times earlier in the year and he was quality. Very assured for such a young player with an eye for a pass. More ability in his little toe than anyone in the kiwi team.

I didn't say the 16th best club, I said in the top 16. The other 15 teams that make up the top 16 are the 16 teams that made it to the Round of 16 of the Champions League, like Arsenal did.

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Nice.  This is what makes it the beautiful game.

Not some dirt bag diverting disaster funds to his bank account.

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