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Big Pete 65, Christchurch

Scottie Rd
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Big Pete 65 wrote:

I'd give the NZ media a 4/10 for their coverage of this tournament.  Prime news tonight didn't mention the final, TVNZ did about 30 seconds worth and about the same for TV3.    Egg chasing always wins.

They predictably gave much prominence to the u-20 Rugby championship win by New Zealand in Italy played on Sunday morning which probably only the players' family and friends were interested in.

Only 7000 attended that final, while only 3600 went to see NZ beat France in the semi.

The final was played in that world sporting capital of Cremona in the back blocks of Italy.

I'd imagine that worldwide TV viewing figures for that one were pretty mediocre too.

"The number of participating nations was reduced to 12 before the 2010 tournament due to financial reasons."

Massive international interest in the rugby u-20's then!!!

When it was hosted in NZ last year, crouds were also mediocre with some games only attracting a few hundred people.

Only about 5000 attended the final.

Could the NZRU be paying spectators to riot at school games now to get media coverage.

Judging by the lack of police action in wanting to respond to calls to 111 they must have been tipped off not to be in a hurry as it was a publicity ploy. 

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