Phoenix City. The newest podcast covering New Zealand football. Phoenix City was founded in July 2015, after the In The Zone podcast ended and a Phoenix sized hole was left in the podcast market.

If you're listening to Phoenix City, you're listening to:

Patrick, the podcast's producer, head honcho and a rubbish referee. He is on Twitter: @patrick478

Cam, also known as Photomac, Yellow Fever's resident photographer. You've probably seen him wearing a bib at Phoenix games. Cam tweets at @NZPhotomac.

Dave, he’s big, he’s bold, and he has Opinions about Football. Twitter: @NZ_Dave

Andy, the podcasts head football analyst. Sadly, he's only half decent at that. He is also on Twitter: @FrostieDaSnowman

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    In The Zone 123 - Bursting Bubbles

    The pod partly recovers from another Fever Tour to reflect back on the Phoenix's victory against West Ham United and look ahead to this weekend's match with Newcastle United. To top off a massive football weekend in the capital, Island Bay's Martin Garcia, and Napier City Rovers' Bill Robertson dial in to preview their Chatham Cup quarter final clash.

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    In The Zone 122 - Germany's Götze It

    The World Cup is done for another four years, so the pod looks back at the final and the tournament overall. Back in Phoenix land, their preseason continues with upcoming games against West Ham and Newcastle United. While the All Whites edge closer to a coach, and look out for the Fever Stand at Island Bay's Chatham Cup game against Napier City Rovers next weekend.

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    In The Zone 121 - Rio

    The pod disproves the theory 'better late than never' in chatting World Cup quarters, semis and final. Elsewhere the Phoenix continue their preseason with questions marks over McGlinchey still remaining, the hunt for the next All Whites coach nears the end, and the relegation fight in Central League hots up.

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    In The Zone 120 - Quarters

    Both the World Cup and the Chatham Cup have reached the quarter final stage, so the pod reviews all the action, including terrible tipping and Island Bay United's stunning upset over Miramar Rangers. While in Phoenix land, Nathan Burns signs on and preseason fixtures continue.

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    In The Zone 119 - Mornings

    The pods brushes aside sleep deprivation to wrap the latest in World Cup action as some big names already have fallen, or are about to fall, by the wayside. Back home the Phoenix have started preseason with their first kick about, and the team previews the Chatham Cup round of 16 featuring interviews with Island Bay Untied and Ngongotaha AFC.

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    In The Zone 118 - Tired

    The pod battles through early morning starts to wrap all the World Cup games to date, chat bits of A-league news and review all the action from the 3rd round of the Chatham Cup.

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    In The Zone 117 - The Countdown

    As the world counts down to the opening FIFA World Cup match, the pod discusses the signing/non-signing of Michael McGlinchey and scans the 2014/15 fixture list before previewing World Cup Groups G and H. Elsewhere, the U20s complete their tour of China, and Island Bay United's Martin Garcia talks about their 3rd Round Chatham Cup clash.

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    In The Zone 116 - Next Generation

    Without any Phoenix news in sight, the pod jumps straight into part 3 of the World Cup preview to cover groups E and F. Back home, the next generation All Whites draw with South Africa, Darren Bazeley dials in to chat the Junior All Whites' tour to China, and there is plenty of intrigue and drama across the country in Chatham Cup action.

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    In The Zone 115 - Losers

    The pod licks it wounds after blowing out at the FFDU Awards to chat random bits of Phoenix news, World Cup Groups C and D, and Friday's All Whites' (A) fixture against South Africa (A). The impending long weekend signifies Chatham Cup round 2 so the pod continues its coverage by talking to Laurance Guetta from Stokes Valley FC and Murray Ralfs from Burwood AFC.

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    In The Zone 114 - Payne-less

    The pod is back, but with technical difficulties (sorry!), to chat Fever Hui, the pursuit of Michael McGlinchey, and the lack of interest in Tim Payne. The international segment makes a return with the first of a four part World Cup preview. And the pod is rounded out with an extended interview with NZF boss Andy Martin.

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    In The Zone 113 - Tell Us

    This week the pod chats the latest in Phoenix land with Carlos' departure and positive signs for a Phoenix reserve team. In national football news, the much anticipated World Cup review is out, but no one gets to see it, Oceania expert Gordon Glen Watson talks OFC Champions League, and Ian Anderson from the Waikato Time and Andrew Voerman from the Christchurch Star contribute to the most comprehensive wrap of the Chatham Cup in the land.

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    In The Zone 112 - Season's End

    Season 2013/14 draws to an end with Brisbane Roar claiming their third A-league title with victory over West Sydney Wanderers. Back home the U20s begin their World Cup campaign, Auckland City reach the O-league final, and the pod gets excited over the ASB Chatham Cup this weekend.

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    In The Zone 111 - Hammer

    As the A-league reaches its pointy end, the Phoenix are already looking towards pre-season with fixtures named against EPL sides Newcastle United and West Ham across New Zealand, Neil Emblem names his All Whites squad against South Africa with some noticeable exceptions, OFC have all but confirmed the qualification path for the 2018 World Cup, and the local Wellington leagues keep on keeping on.

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    In The Zone 110 - Alejandro

    This week the pod discusses Alejandro's arrival, Luke's leaving, the Phoenix season in review, and the A-league playoffs. Elsewhere Ryan Thomas guides Zwolle to Dutch Cup glory, the first clubs are knocked out of the Chatham Cup, and the team reviews the Souvlaki and football action from Wakefield Park.

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    In The Zone 109 - Conga

    Paul Ifill continues to add to his media CV by coming off the pod bench as they discuss Wellington Phoenix's disappointing end to the season, before farewelling Stein Huysegems and Leo Bertos. In New Zealand football land, the All Whites host South Africa next month, but who will turn up, Auckland City advance to the semi-finals of the O-league thanks to a Waitakere choke, Chatham Cup qualification begins, and the local leagues in Wellington ramp up.

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    In The Zone 108 - Diver

    As the Phoenix officially bow out of playoff reckoning and instead look a chance for another wooden spoon, the pods reluctantly looks back at another loss to Sydney including diving, mud baths and News' tantrum. Elsewhere New Zealand Football's issues are aired for all to see, the O-league kicks off, as does the opening round of the Central and Premier leagues in Wellington.

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    In The Zone 107 - (Un)happy Birthday

    The pod turns two, and in true toddler style, gets angsty at another home loss by the Phoenix, before looking towards the prospect of two EPL sides coming to Wellington. And local football kicks off this weekend in the capital.

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    In The Zone 106 - Trainwrecking

    A heavily sick pod gather to discuss the Phoenix latest trashing at the hand of Newcastle Jets and the happenings from the latest #FeverTour. Elsewhere the Young Football Ferns bow out of the U17 Women's World Cup with a solidarity point, Waitakere clear the decks, and will Tommy Smith choose a holiday over the All Whites

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    In The Zone 105 - #$%@

    In an expletive ridden pod, the team reacts to what Ben Williams dished up in Melbourne, discusses Huysegems' contract negotiations, Hernandez latest tanty, and next week's trip to Newcastle. Back home Auckland City claim the double by taking out the ASB Premiership and ASB Youth League.

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    In The Zone 104 - Chances!

    The pod comes together once again to discuss the Phoenix butchering chances, and 3 points, against Perth Glory, tantys from Hernandez and Stadium security, and the pigeon's return. The All Whites recover from an appalling start to save face against Japan, while Team Wellington book a place in the O-league and the ASBP final.

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    In The Zone 103 - Pissants

    This week in the pod, the team tries to dissect the capitulation in Adelaide, previews the Phoenix next home game against Perth Glory and looks back at the week that was, including a silent protest in Sydney's west. As the All Whites prepare for their first fixture of the year, the pod discusses (read: argues) it's relevance, while Team Wellington and Auckland each have a foot in the ASBP final.

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    In The Zone 102 - Knockout Cup

    The pod moves studios to analysis Wellington Phoenix's comeback win over Central Coast Mariners, chat about the launch of the FFA Cup and a potential visit from West Ham, and review the rest of round 20 action. Locally, Team Wellington claims second, and potentially an O-league, spot, while the Young Football Ferns qualify for the U20 World Cup.

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    In The Zone 101 - Heartache

    The pod return from their back slapping recording last week to look back at the hammering by Melbourne Heart and chat to Gareth Morgan on the proposed Petone Arena. In New Zealand football news, there are new clubs for three Kiwis overseas, and Team Wellington secure their place in the ASBP playoffs

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    In The Zone 100 - The Century

    In the milestone no one thought they'd reach, the pod is joined by Phoenix General Manager, David Dome, to wrap the latest A-league action and get the good oil on all things Phoenix, including the FFA Cup, marketing strategies, and away home games. Ivan Vicelich also joins the celebration to talk about his career, and the team reads your hate mail.

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    In The Zone 99 - Not Out

    Back from another Fever Tour, the pod chats the Phoenix's rad win over Adelaide, the signing of Hamish Watson, mystical new stadia, fixtures shambles, and comical goalkeeping. Locally, Team Wellington take advantage of red mist, but the ASBP remains with Waitakere handing Auckland City their first loss.

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    In The Zone 98 - Deja Vu

    Paul Ifill joins the pod to mull over the Phoenix's third consecutive 2-1 loss to Brisbane Roar, his injury, rehab, and non-playing aspirations, as well as this weekend's fixture against Adelaide in Auckland. The pod hails Ivan Vicelich's careers, wraps the latest ASB Premiership action, and Kiwis overseas makes a return!

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    In The Zone 97 - Five

    Off the back of a 5-0 pumping of Melbourne Victory, the team picks their jaws off the ground to wrap all the action and ponders the Phoenix's chances this Friday night. While in the ASB Premiership, Team Wellington make it a great weekend for the region with a cheeky 3-1 victory over Waitakere United.

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    In The Zone 96 - He's Back

    Unfortunately Smithy is the back to talk about his ventures into Wonderland, before the team turns their attention to Wellington Phoenix's 1-1 draw with Central Coast, the re-signing of Italiano, Riera, and Boxall, and this week's home fixture against Melbourne Victory. In the ASB Premiership, Southern United stun the bookies and Waitakere, Hawke's Bay are deducted points, and the pod demands the return of the sausage and bacon sannie at Tee Dubs.

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    In The Zone 95 - Wandering Win

    With Smithy suffering from 3rd degree flare burns, the rest of pod chats over the Phoenix shock win over the Wanderers, the signing of Roy Krishna and Milos Lujic, our chances against Central Coast Mariners, and the latest on and off field round 13 action.

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    In The Zone 94 - Victorian Victory

    In the last pod of 2013, the team reviews the Phoenix's first ever win in Victoria, chats the latest A-league round including fighting, flares and bodsleds, and questions why Sam Malcolmson gets paid to write his column.

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    In The Zone 93 - Smurftastic

    The Phoenix have finally notched up their first win of the season with a 1-0 victory over Sydney FC. The pod hazelly look back at the game and hope for the Melbourne hoodoo to be broken this Friday against Melbourne Heart.

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    In The Zone 92 - Groundhog Day

    It's more of the same as the pod doubles up this week to review the latest loss to Central Coast Mariners, looks at the new CEO of New Zealand Football, and previews the latest ASB Premiership round.

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    In The Zone 91 - Failure to Roar

    APNZ's Dan 'are you a football guy' Richardson comes off the bench to join the pod to discuss Phoenix's latest non-win following a 2-1 home loss to Brisbane Roar. The All Whites announced their first fixture for 2014, and while Michael Fitzgerald won't be there, will a coach?

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    In The Zone 90 - Take Us Higher

    The pod reviews the Phoenix's latest loss, this time to Perth Glory, and questions whether the drought will be broken against Brisbane Roar this weekend. Elsewhere, the team rejoices at Australia's group at the World Cup, looks back at the latest ASB Premiership action, and ponders Auckland City's chances at the Club World Cup.

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    In The Zone 89 - Money, Money, Money

    The pod looks back at the Phoenix's continued winless streak as they draw blank against Western Sydney, and rate our chances this weekend against a depleted Perth side. Elsewhere, Brian Turner hits back against the Dom Post, OFC make a play for a different World Cup qualification path, and who should be in the ASB Premiership team of the decade.


Phoenix City - See No Goal, Hear The Goal


P W D L GD Pts
Syd Sydney FC 26 16 5 5 24 53
Mcy Melbourne City 26 14 5 7 12 47
Wel Wellington Phoenix 26 12 5 9 5 41
Bri Brisbane Roar 26 11 7 8 1 40
Wun Western United 26 12 3 11 9 39
Per Perth Glory 26 10 7 9 7 37
Adl Adelaide United 26 11 3 12 -5 36
New Newcastle Jets 26 9 7 10 -8 34
Wsw Western Sydney 26 9 6 11 -5 33
Mvc Melbourne Victory 26 6 5 15 -11 23
Ccm Central Coast 26 5 3 18 -29 18

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