R24 vs Jets | Thurs 13th Aug | 9:30pm | SS7

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Hoops has officially gone back to the UK. His hamstring injury isn't clearing up as quickly as hoped. Thanks Hoops for your efforts for the Nix - on and off the pitch. Feel free to come back next season.

I would think that's the Phoenix's chances gone with him. 

I only read that he has returned to New Zealand.  Have not seen news that he has left the club, regardless of not playing further.

Club has said he is returning to England to reunite with his family.

Ok, cool, thanks for clarifying that. 

It was good to see a player of his calibre putting on the Nix shirt. It took me a while to realise that he was all class. He got into form, and was playing full games and scoring, just when the lockdown came upon us in March.

Actually, getting outplayed quite a bit these days

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Agree just hope some of  the young guys learnt from him because as much as his goal scoring and assists were great it was his little touches and flick ons and defensive work that really made you sit up. We can but dream of how good it would have been to have a fully fit Hooper for a full season.


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