All Whites v Lithuania | Mon 18th November | 2.55am | SS7

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Definitely awful news. Really terrible. Who knows when the next game will happen?🧛♂️

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A lot of the water to flow under the bridge between now and then, but having the 2022 Qatar World Cup in the maligned later Nov-Dec time slot (rather than usual June-July), may end up being very useful.

That's if the many various worldwide WC qualifiers, get postponed and pushed back over next 18 months or so.

Probably not such a problem for OFC, but some of the larger confederations, could struggle to complete their qualifying in time now.

Who knows the AWs may end up (providing yes they are top dog in OFC) playing their intercontinental playoff in June 2022 rather than currently scheduled March 2022. A nice wet/frozen mid winter NZ night, for whoever their opposition are maybe.

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